“a masterful blend of high tech, esoteric knowledge, paranormal phenomena, and government conspiracies along with a generous dose of Erich von Däniken’s “ancient alien” theory.” 
Marcha Fox, Author of Star Trails Tetralogy

Ceri London writes a blend of high-powered science fiction and thriller filled with charismatic but believable characters that show the human psyche at its best and worst. Her exciting War of Ages series confronts the military mindset with hard science, metaphysical powers, and political intrigue to uncover an ancient truth that spans a universe of space time.
War of Ages was originally published as Shimmer in the Dark.
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One man. Two worlds. 
The chains of command only stretch so far.

He’s a conduit to alien invasion. A security threat. To the  country he swore to defend from its enemies, both foreign and domestic. Hard to tell the difference when his growing powers unleash an ancient truth.

Time to go rogue.

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Exploited. Hunted. Sacrificed.

“This man isn’t the exclusive property of the US any longer. He is answerable to the world.” How far can one man travel to preserve a world that has turned on him?

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, love and destroy.

Niall has left his world, his family, his friends, his mission now to destroy Balor. One mistake could unravel the course of human evolution, but destiny has converted him to its cause and there’s no turning back.

Rogue Genesis

Destiny Nexus

Elecion Forces

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"Ceri London has written, in “Shimmer In The Dark: Rogue Genesis” one of the most powerful science fiction novels I have read since “Dune”. "Well, actually, it is better than “Dune”. More creative, with a wider range and depth of reality, that is approachable to all readers." "This is, without doubt, a science fiction novel, but it also has strong ties to military-political intrigue in the present day which grounds the novel in a level of believability even when the "fiction" portion of the science asks you to stretch your mind into new levels of belief."  — L. Cooper (soireadthisbooktoday.com) http://soireadthisbooktoday.com/2013/07/21/review-shimmer-in-the-dark-rogue-genesis-by-ceri-london/

"a complex, highly intelligent and competently written Science Fiction / fantasy thriller." "The concept of time folds, time warps, astral travel or whatever phrase you would like to use for this double existence is highly original, fascinating and certainly unique. It made the story stand out from others in the genre just for that." Christoph Fischer, Author   Christoph Fischer’s review of Rogue Genesis | Goodreads       

"I tend to separate my science fiction into two categories. In some SFF, the science part is just a story element used as a setting or a device to keep the plot moving forward. Then there are the tales where the science is integral to the story, almost like another main character.

Rogue Genesis is the latter, the kind of science fiction where I found myself googling terms like “geo-magnetic flux” and “ley lines” in my spare time. But lest you be frightened away by the science, fear not, good reader! The story of Major Niall Kearey, USAF, is a great read with lots of well-developed characters and military-political intrigue." — David Bruns, SFF Author http://davidbruns.com/2014/03/rogue-genesis/

"As a science fiction fan and author myself I absolutely love Ceri London’s work. Her characters are convincing, exciting and charismatic which, combined with her ability to create a complex mix of science, technology, government intrigue, the military mindset and esoteric subjects, results in a masterful blend of high-powered science fiction. Her “Shimmer in the Dark” series possesses all the suspense and intrigue of my old-time favorite author, Michael Crighton, clearly the stuff that best sellers are made of."  Marcha Fox, SF Author https://marcha2014.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/a-glimpse-into-the-science-fictiontechno-thriller-world-...

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